Liposomal Vitamin C products have become increasingly more popular in recent years. The increased attention to its potential benefit is a good thing; however, it is unfortunate that many products in the markets are indeed fraudulent. Loads of product reviews tested the products in the market, and most of them do not have liposomes in them. 

Authentic liposomal products are assessed to offer the capability to escalate the absorption rate of their carried nutrients through a unique encapsulation technology. Without the encapsulation mechanism, the nutrients wouldn’t be able to be delivered into the cell. 

Here are a few tips to help you to find authentic Liposomal products: ​

1. Microscope Image Proof

The only feasible way to prove whether the product is true liposomal or not is to be tested by a reliable laboratory with a high-end microscope. If the supplier can provide you with a microscope image that clearly shows liposomes encapsulated with nutrients in the center, the authenticity of the products is very likely. 

2. Size of Liposomes​

The size of liposomal is one of the critical factors to consider for optimal absorption.  If the liposomes are too large, it becomes difficult to absorb. If the liposomes are too small, they can only carry a little amount of nutrients.  The optimal size of liposomes shall be ranging from 100nm- 250nm. Anything out of this range would not be able to meet the standard. 

100nm​ ~ 250nm​

3. The reputation of the manufacturer​

Ensure the manufacturer has strict regulations on their production practices and shows that they are a certified manufacturer with certifications like GMP, HACCP, or others. 

4. Price​

The prices of liposomal products have a significant variation in the market. It would be best to take extra caution on products offered at a substantially discounted rate or low price. 

If you have done enough research, you will find that it requires a complex process to create liposomes alone. Also, the manufacturer must keep a high standard in the whole production process to ensure the quality and purity of the products. 

5. Be Aware that Fat-Soluble is not Liposomal

Some products claim that they are Liposomal, but they are only Fat Soluble. These fat-soluble products have a bonding structure of “L-Ascorbic Acid” and “Palmitic Acid” to form L-Ascorbyl Palmitate. These L-Ascorbyl Palmitate forms do not have a solid, stable structure. Once it reaches the small intestine, the bond will break. Either the bonding structure or break-up form does not have an effect on escalating the Absorption rate, as the nutrient is not encapsulated in the liposomes.